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Fact sheets punch technology
Fact sheets punch technology Here you can find fact sheets of our punching technology.  >>

Configuration form

To provide a non-committal and free of cost QUOTATION, we need your assistance. Please print following form, fill in the necessary specifications and, if needful, a sketch. Please send us the details via e-mail to afterwards.





1. Tube / section dimensions

    Profile :

    Round tube :

    Square tube :

    Rectangular tube :

    Wall thickness :

    Tube length :


2. Material:



3. Hole size:



4. Perforation pitch

    variable  :

    constant :


5. Perforation in:

    one wall :

    two walls :


6. Processing

    How many tubes / sections shall be punched in one process opeartion

    1 piece, 2 pieces or 4 pieces

You will get a quotation one week after receipt of your detailed inquiry.



Dept.: Punching equipment for the processing of sheets, sections and tubes


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