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Fact sheets punch technology Here you can find fact sheets of our punching technology.  >>

Section and tube punch systems

For decades, PETIG is a worldwide reknown manufacturer of tube and section punching systems.
Section and tube punch systems
Non-deforming punching – this is the key concept that distinguishes PETIG’s systems. Punching systems of the RPS-200 and RPS-300 series use cunning technology to prevent the deformation of the processed sections.
For the punching systems of the RPS-300 series exist multiple automation possibilities like, for e.g., an additional conveyor.

Another special feature is the option of through and through punching of pieces in one process. The first slug becomes an extension of the punching die and punches the second wall. This feature shortens the processing time and ensures the punching accuracy.

Whether it is for the manufacturing of ladders, storage racks or store constructions: with PETIG you will economically increase productivity.

RPS-300 series
Simple as well as sophisticated tube and profile processing can be realized with punching systems of the RPS-300 series. A state-of-the-art PLC enables multiple automation possibilities, like: conveyor, different punchings per run and tube cutting.
Systems of the RPS-300 series are available as "SINGLE" to process one tube at a time, "TWIN" to process two tubes simultaneously and "QUADRUPLE" to punch up to 4 tubes in one go.

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RPS-312 SINGLE 3000

RPS-310 TWIN 6000 incl. magazine

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